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10% Off K9 Rattlesnake Vaccines for the Month Of July! Rattlesnake venom is fatal and this vaccine can buy you more time to receive the proper treatment if your pet is ever bitten!


Summer gives you the opportunity to take your furry friend on many wonderful hikes in the surrounding mountains. Unfortunately, alongside picturesque landscapes and open blue skies, there is a hidden danger lurking just around the trail bend...Rattlesnakes.

Fast Facts:

  • Dogs are 20 times more likely to be bitten by venomous snakes than humans, and are 25 times more likely to die as a result
  • Rattlesnakes can strike a distance of two-thirds their total body length. This means a three foot long snake can strike a distance of two feet. 
  • Snake bites are life-threatening, painful and can cause permanent damage to your dog. The effects of their venom can be hemotoxic (destroy red blood cells), anticoagulant (disrupt blood clotting), necrotizing (cause organ degeneration and tissue damage), and have neurotoxic effects.
  • Vaccination can subdue the impact of a rattlesnake bite, reduce or eliminate the need for antivenom, as well as decrease other treatment costs
  • Anti-venom treatments and hospitalizations for rattlesnake bites in dogs that have not been vaccinated can be very expensive and cost anywhere from $500 - $10,000

Rancho Sequoia Veterinary Hospital wants to help you protect your pet and is pleased to present you with this special low-cost Rattlesnake vaccination offer, valid for the month of July only!

Click on the link below to make an appointment or stop by our office during our vaccine clinic, every Thursday from 3-5 p.m.

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