Prepare For Your Visit: COVID-19

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We’re looking forward to seeing you and your pet. Here’s how to help make your appointment easier – and safer – in three easy steps.

*NOTE: Clients with nonmedical appointments will not be allowed in the building. 

Step 1: Book your pet’s appointment

Our team may contact you to see if our convenient drop-off service is right for you and your pet, or discuss your options should schedules or services shift.

Step 2: Fill out your forms

If you are new to Rancho Sequoia, please fill out the New Client Form as well as the New Pet Form before arriving to your appointment (as well as any other pet visit forms you may need).

If your pet is receiving any Surgery Services, please fill out the Surgery Drop Off Form before your arrival (as well as any other pet visit forms you may need).   

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Step 3: Bring in your pet


  1. Take all completed forms to your appointment. The client MUST also bring their vaccination card as well and present it to the staff member. IF THE CLIENT DOES NOT BRING THEIR VACCINATION CARD THEY WILL NOT BE ALLOWED IN THE BUILDING.
  2. We request you still check-in for your appointment over the phone.  In addition to checking the client's vaccination status, the client will also answer a COVID-19 questionnaire and sign the document when finished. At the same time the client will have their temperature checked via forehead scanner prior to being escorted to the building by a staff member.
  3. For doctor visits, a maximum of two clients are allowed to come into the hospital with their pet. 
    After your receive the estimate, you will have the option to exit the hospital and wait for your pet in your car. (You may be asked to do anyway by staff depending on time of treatment for your pet and as building occupancy dictates.)
  4. Clients can stay in their car or in the parking lot if they request it.
  5. Food, and medication purchases will be handled over the phone and brought out to the client.
    According to CDC guidelines, all of our clients are REQUIRED to wear a mask while they are inside the building at all times.


  1. Take all completed forms to your appointment. 
  2. Call us when you arrive and we will send out a team member as soon as possible who will escort your pet inside as unvaccinated clients will not be allowed inside the building per CDC guidelines.
  3. We will provide our own hospital slip leashes. Aggressive patients require a muzzle in advance. Our team member will meet you, take your completed forms, and bring your pet inside.
  4. Please have your phone handy during your pet’s visit. We’ll call you with any findings and our recommendations and perform any necessary and authorized treatments.
  5. When your pet's visit is complete, we'll call you to process payment and email you your invoice.
    A team member will escort your pet out, and you’re ready to head home.

*NOTE: ONLY fully vaccinated individuals as defined by the California Department of Health (CDOH) will be allowed inside the building. According to the CDOH, a person is considered fully vaccinated for COVID-19: two weeks or more after they have received the second dose in a two-dose series (Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna), or two weeks or more after they have received a single-dose vaccine (Johnson and Johnson [J&J]. 

  • For medications or food pickup, just call in advance and we’ll arrange to bring them out to you.
  • For long term prescriptions and refills, please utilize our online pharmacy at our online store for easy ordering that will arrive at your home or order directly and do curbside pickup through our PetDesk app.
  • Appointments are now required for all vaccinations. 

We thank you for your continued understanding and patience. We will do our best to keep you informed. Stay healthy and safe! 

Rancho Sequoia Veterinary Hospital